A Letter to Freshman

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On behalf of all the teachers and students of the department, I sincerely welcome everyone to join the big family of cosmeceutics, and congrat everyone on completing another stage of learning and entering a new milestone. Before entering the university, what kind of imagination and plan do you have for university life? I believe after finished the entrance examination, you want to relax and try something different during the college. This is what the university wants to give you.

I don’t know what everyone knows about cosmeceutics. In fact, cosmeceutics are very scientific and are closely related to life. It needs basic sciences such as chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physiology as foundation.

Cosmeceutics has general applicability. It combines multiple subjects such as dermatophysiology, skin pharmacology, materials science to improve skin-related problems, such as wrinkles, dark spots, etc. Cosmeceutics is very artistic. It combines make-up, aesthetics, and design for enhancing students’ creativity and apply it to increase the value of products and beautify your life. Also, cosmeceutics is very lively. In four years, there are a lot of activities and clubs waiting for you to participate, training your leadership and hone your tolerance. Furthermore, cosmeceutics is very flexible, you can follow your interests to choose different courses, and make a plan of your own learning journey.

I like to use “buffet” to describe university, we prepare many different courses programs. It means you can choose double major, or even go abroad as an exchange student. You can also enter the laboratory to learn different research topics. Just like in addition to different main meals, there are also salads, appetizers, side dishes and snacks, you can freely compose your university's main theme and interlude.

Of course, there are many lectures and off-campus visits, as well as industry internships, allowing you to jump off the campus and connect with this beautiful industry, allowing you to describe your future vision. There are also a variety of clubs and activities that you can devote yourself to adorn your college life.

As the world changes rapidly, what kind of talent is needed in the future? In addition to basic academic work as your foundation, the pressure of handling activities and the running-in process are strengthening your mind, allowing you to adapt to the changing environment. University plays an important role in personality development. Except for schoolwork, there are still more aspects we need to learn. I hope you will develop the habit of active learning and lifelong learning, always absorb new knowledge, and constantly improve yourself.

We welcome you all with joy and hope that in the future you will be a powerful force to stimulate the evolution and revision of cosmeceutics. Finally, I am looking forward to you giving impetus to cosmeceutical field.



Chiang Hsiu-Mei, Dean of the Department of Cosmeceutics, China Medical University