Welcome to Cosmeceutics ~

Our department mission is to create a high quality cosmeceutical learning environment for our students in both undergraduate and master programs. Thus, all our department faculties and staff have strived to do our best to share our knowledge and guide students toward the highest quality of specialized achievement. In our department, our students will gain the 6 following basic abilities: 

  1. the ability to understand the composition of cosmetic formulation
  2. the ability to prepare the cosmetic formula
  3. the ability to analyze cosmetics 
  4. the ability to evaluate the safety of cosmetics 
  5. the ability to understand the effect and mechanism of cosmeceutical and functional cosmetic ingredients
  6. the ability to collect and analyze the new cosmetic ingredients and technological trend 

We encourage our students not only to empower their professional specialties but also to widen their horizon on extracurricular activities as well as international experience. We have singed many international memorandums of agreements with quite a few prestigious universities such as University of Kitami and Maryland University. Based on these agreements, we have sent many of our students to the special training courses.  Students gradually accumulate their international experiences through the trainings and the interaction with local students. 

Though we have only few graduates since our department was established in 1992, they mainly serve at the research and the marketing departments in cosmetic companies. And it was shown that our graduates apply the specialized knowledge from the university very well and obtain the enterprises’ favorable comments.