The department of cosmeceutics was established in 2002. Our aims are to educate students with well designed curriculums and training programs, to enhance students’ ability to promote competition in cosmetic profession domestically and internationally, and to enrich human life with beauty and safety.


There are 128 credits required to finish a four-year program and the graduates will be conferred the degree of Bachelor in Science. Students will spend their first year in the Peikang campus where they will attend general knowledge courses. In the second year, they will move back to Taichung campus and take preliminary courses in cosmetic science. In the third and fourth years, they will learn professional knowledge in cosmetic science and technology. During summer vacation in the third year, students need to take a practical training course in cosmetic companies, factories, or professional institutes of beauty-care for two months. Practical training course is designed to supplement the experience and knowledge that is not available in classroom.

Program Requirements

This list is applicable to the students enrolled in 2010 academic year.

Students must complete a minimum of 128 credits to earn a bachelor degree, including 96 required credits and a minimum of 32 elective credits. The following elective-course requirements must be met in order to graduate. 

  1. Elective courses should be no less than 28 credits in cosmetic domain.
  2. Military training course for freshmen and physical education for freshman and sophomores are mandatory without any credits.
  3. A minimum of 28 credits of general knowledge courses is required.

Career Opportunities

  1. Employment: graduates can become cosmetic professionals engaged in cosmetic design, manufacturing, marketing, research and development, quality assurance, and safety evaluation in cosmetic companies or factories. In addition, graduates can devote themselves to skin-care, makeup styling, and beauty-care in professional salons and studios. Ambitious graduates can run their own business or be involved in academic teaching or research after receiving their master or doctoral degree.
  2. Advanced study: graduates can continue advanced study for master or doctorial degree in related fields such as cosmetic science, biotechnology, pharmacy, biochemistry, chemistry, MBA, and so on.
  3. Professional qualification: graduates can take a certificate examination and qualified as a beautician at beauty-care salons or studios.

Future Prospects

We will continue to refine or adjust our curriculum to meet the future demands from students and cosmetic industry. One of the prospects will be establishing a doctoral program. We will always be guided forward by pursuit of excellence.


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