You-Cheng Hseu
  • TAIPEI Medical University, TAIWAN (台北醫學大學保健營養學士, B.S)
  • National TSIN-HUA University, TAIWAN (國立清華大學生命科學博士, PhD)
  • MD ADERSON CANCER CENTER, USA (美國德州大學MD Anderson 癌症中心訪問學者, Visiting Scientist)
  • Free Radical Biology and Medicine
  • Bioactivities of the Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Antioxidants and Cosmeceutics
    I am a Professor at the China Medical University. My primary research interest is Nutritional Biochemistry and Toxicology; Bioactivities of Natural Products and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine;  Free Radical Biology and Medicine; Antrodia camphorata and their Bioactive Constituents for Breast Cancer Chemoprevention; Antioxidants, Anti-aging, Anti-inflammation, Wound healing, and Herbal Cosmeceutics; UVA-Induced Skin Damage and Skin Cancer Chemoprevention.  
Grants Positions and Honors
  1. 2018 Project sanction committee member (Optimize the environment of Technical colleges), Ministry of Education, Taiwan, ROC. (教育部優化技職環境計畫初審/複審審查委員)
  2. Project sanction committee member (Technical colleges), Ministry of Education, Taiwan, ROC. (教育部技職再造計畫初審/複審審查委員)
  3. Project sanction committee member (Equipment Update of Technical colleges), Ministry of Education, Taiwan, ROC. (教育部第二期技職再造計畫技專院校設備更新初審/複審審查委員)
  4. Project sanction committee member (International Symposium in Taiwan), National Science Council, Taiwan, ROC. (國科會補助國內舉辦國際學術研討會審查委員)
  5. Project sanction committee member, National Science Council, Taiwan, ROC. (國科會研究計畫初審/複審審委員)
  6. Project sanction committee member (Technical colleges, Department of degree renamed/merged), Ministry of Education, Taiwan, ROC. (教育部技專校-院所系科學位學程改名整併案審查委員)
  7. Project sanction committee member (Postgraduate degree), Ministry of Education, Taiwan, ROC. (教育部學士後學位學程審查委員)
  8. Committee member (Technical colleges), Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation and Association, ROC. (台灣評鑑協會科技大學訪視評鑑委員)
  9. Project sanction committee member, MOST Germination Program, Taiwan, ROC. (科技部萌芽計畫審查委員)
  10. Project sanction committee member (Master newly established), Ministry of Education, Taiwan, ROC. (教育部碩士班新設審查委員)
  11. Committee member (Industry-Academic Cooperation Plan of Technical Colleges), Chinese Management Association, ROC. (中華民國管理科學學會-技專校院產學攜手合作計畫評鑑委員)
  12. Committee member (Rename and Reconstruction of Technical Colleges), Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation and Association, ROC. (台灣評鑑協會技專校院改名改制委員會評鑑委員)
  13. Project sanction committee member (The establishment of special adjustment institutions of Technical Colleges), Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation and Association, ROC. (台灣評鑑協會大學校院增設調整特殊項目院系所學位學程評鑑委員)
  14. Proposition committee, Ministry of Examination, Taiwan. ROC.(考選部專技高考命題委員)
  15. Project sanction committee member, Council of Agriculture and Executive Yuan, Taiwan. ROC. (農委會研究計畫審查委員)
  16. Project sanction committee member (College student research program), National Science Council, Taiwan. ROC. (國家科學委員會大專生研究計畫審查委員)

Honors and Academic service:

  1. 2018 Best paper award, Chinese Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-aging Medicine, Taiwan. (2018中華民國美容醫學會 優秀論文獎第三名)
  2. 2007-2018 The Excellent Research Reward of University, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. (科技部大專校院特殊優秀人才獎勵)
  3. 2016 Best paper award, Chinese Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-aging Medicine, Taiwan. (中華民國美容醫學會 優秀論文獎第二名)
  4. 2012 Dr. Hong-Yen Hsu Academic Award of Chinese Medicine, Taiwan. (許鴻源中醫藥研究獎)
  5. 2007-2010, 2010-2013, 2013-2017 The Outstanding Research Award, China Medical University, Taiwan. (中國醫藥大學傑出研究獎勵)
  6. 2007 The Second Outstanding Research Award, college of Pharmacolgy, China Medical University, Taiwan.(中國醫藥大學96學年度藥學院傑出研究績優獎第二名)
  7. 2007 International Health Professional of the Year (International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England). (英國劍橋名人自傳-國際健康年度教授)
  8. 2006 The first Outstanding Research Award, college of Pharmacolgy, China Medical University, Taiwan. (中國醫藥大學95學年度藥學院傑出研究績優獎第一名)
  9. 2006-2007 Marquis Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare. (世界名人錄/亞洲名人錄/醫學與健康照護名人錄)
  10. 2001 The Second Best Annual paper, Mid-Taiwan Journal of Medicine. (中台灣醫學科學雜誌年度優良論文第二名)
  11. 1996 The Third Best paper award,  Biophysics Conference, Taiwan. (生物物理研討會論文第三名)
  12. 1995 Dr. Hsu Chien-Tien Award, Taiwan. (徐千田研究生論文獎)
  13. 1995 Best paper award, Molecular Biology Conference, Taiwan. (生物醫學研討會賽研究生優秀論文獎)

Associate Editor

    Journal of Toxicology


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